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Real Estate Services   

    Real Estate Dealership
We are in continuous search, evaluation and highly selective acquisition of real estate properties either for subsequent sale or long-term investment.

    Real Estate Brokerage
We act as intermediary between sellers and buyers or lessors and lessees of real estate properties. Our brokerage transactions include commercial, residential and industrial properties with focus on commercial properties in the central business districts. Our contacts at high levels in the top corporations and institutions in the country provide us with a rich data bank of suppliers and users of real estate properties.

    Real Estate Advisory
With our exposure in the real estate business and experience in project evaluation, we can assist you in evaluating and pursuing joint venture real estate projects as well as in preparing or validating real estate project feasibility studies. We can also make available, upon request, real estate industry and market updates prepared by our Research Group.

Foreign Exchange   

As a full service institution, we can assist you in your buying and selling requirements at very competitive rates.

Art Dealership and Brokerage   

We have an inventory of precious paintings by Filipino Masters and other notable artists which we offer to clients for their investment and aesthetic needs. We also act as broker for clients in either their sale or acquisition of art pieces, and in so doing keep their identity and the transaction confidential.

Project Advisory   

Through our project advisory services, we can assist you in preparing or validating feasibility studies. We can also assist you in implementing projects, from handling the administrative and legal aspects to developing the project's MIS and control systems. We can assess the kind of financial plan you will need to support your project and may underwrite and syndicate its financing requirements.

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