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Investment Banking Services

Securities Underwriting   

    Public Offering
If you want to access the capital markets through a public offering of your equity or debt issue, we can underwrite and distribute the same to a broad base of institutional and retail investors. We seek to generate optimum proceeds to the issuer while providing opportunities to the investors for capital appreciation in the secondary market as well as regular cashflows from their fixed income securities holdings.

    Private Placement
We can assist you in raising capital funds, through either your debt or equity issue, by placing the securities privately with select investors. We have a wide array of strategic and financial investors seeking attractive direct and portfolio investments.

Loan Syndication   

For your medium and long term borrowing requirements, we can arrange funding from various institutional and high net worth individual investors at terms attuned to your cashflow and other financial needs and constraints.

Financial Advisory   

Our decades of experience in investment banking have put us in a vantage position to render sound financial advice to clients. Our advisory services cover, but are not limited, to the following areas:

    Mergers & Acquisitions
We can help identify target companies with synergistic fit to your operation, undertake the valuation of shares and orchestrate the transaction up to its consummation and full documentation.

    Corporate Reorganization and Financial Restructuring
We act as advisor to clients in streamlining their organizations (such as through consolidations or spin-offs) and restructuring or refinancing their debt obligations.

Municipal Financial Advisory   

We have been advisor to selected cities and municipalities in determining the feasibility of various revenue generating projects and have underwritten municipal bond issues.

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